What is the genetic advantage of sexual reproduction?

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ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sexual reproduction is advantageous in a genetic sense because it gives a population a much greater genetic variety from which to work with.  Asexual reproduction gives offspring that are pretty much identical copies of their parents.  This makes it difficult for a population to change genetically over time.  But sexual reproduction produces offspring which are an equal genetic mixture of their parents.  In this way, a population has a much greater genetic diversity and variety to work with.  This allows a population to evolve more readily over time to adapt to changing environments and circumstances.  It also allows for bad genetic variants to be ultimately eliminated from the population, thus perpetrating strong genetic variants to survive and continue the species.

ayl0124 | Student

Sexual reproduction provides genetic variety in a species. Natural selection is the concept that the strong prevail while those with unfavorable traits die out. Sexual reproduction allows species to gain genetic variety that may be favorable with their environment. 

Another key thing to note about sexual reproduction is selective breeding. Animals can selectively choose their mates based on traits are favorable for survival. Females are more likely to mate with healthier males to ensure survival in their offspring. 

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