What is the generals training school in The Most Dangerous Game?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

General Zaroff's training school is in the cellar of his house on Ship Trap Island. This is where the sailors he captures are prepared to be hunted. Zaroff feeds them very well and has them exercise, so they will be in the very best physical condition. This will make them more interesting to hunt, according to Zaroff. He's disappointed, however, with the ones he has in his "training school" now because they are "an inferior lot", meaning they aren't smart enough to make the hunt interesting. This is why Zaroff is very excited to have Rainsford there. He knows Rainsford is intelligent and an excellent hunter, so he should provide Zaroff with an exciting challenge.

mickey2bailey eNotes educator| Certified Educator

General Zaroff's training was in Russia before the Revolution of 1917.  He was born of a noble family and his father had trained him to be a hunter from the age of five.  He was in the army and also commanded a divison of the calvary.  He had been on many expeditions and was primed from early childhood to be an expert hunter.

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