What is the general plot line of Never Let Me Go?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This excellent novel opens in Hailsham, a school where three friends, Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are introduced to us. Their lives at school are explored, with many curious aspects to them that we do not understand, such as the revulsion that some characters who visit the school show to the boys and girls. Kathy likes Tommy a great deal, but at they grow up, it is Ruth and Tommy who form a relationship. They come to realise that they are actually clones who have been created so that humans can harvest their organs. As they leave school and ready themselves for what the future holds, they hear a rumour that if two clones are really in love that they can gain a remittance from being harvested so that they can be together. Kathy becomes a carer and Tommy and Ruth have their first donations. Ruth, before dying, apologies to Tommy and Kathy for keeping them apart. Tommy and Kathy then try and find out what they need to do to have time together, but they realises that this is a lie, and Tommy then dies after a donation. The novel ends as Kathy looks forward to her own donations beginning.