what is the general attitude toward curley's wife in chapter 2 of the book Of Mice And Men?  it's in chapter 2 of the book Of Mice And Men!!

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pearlepratt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Curley’s father is the boss. He knows that the men who work on the ranch are desperate to maintain their positions. Further, he knows that none of the workers can afford to lose their jobs. Therefore, he allows his insecurity (regarding his small size) to motivate him to violence. He bullies the bigger men on the ranch in an attempt to feel better about himself. He is also obsessed with his wife and assumes that she is unfaithful.

 The men on the ranch are conscious of Curley’s insecurities and they know that his wife is a flirt. Her behavior towards the other men on the ranch creates tension. She is overly-friendly and she makes efforts to tempt them. However, despite her beauty, they all realize that Curley will certainly punish them if they fraternize with her. Consequently, the workers resent her, believing that she will entrap them and cause them to lose their jobs. Even George, who is generally fair, warns Lennie to stay away from Curley (who hates big guys) and his wife, who offers dangerous association.

anniekan | Student

Curley's wife in the eyes of the workers, she is a tart. In other words she likes to flirt with other men, other than her husband.  She is pretty and flirtatious, but according to some people, nothing but trouble. :) I hope this helps because i read this just last year :)