What is a gene? Genes exist in pairs in cells. where did each member of pair of genes originate? What is the genotype of these offspring?dna and principles of inheritance

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A gene is a piece of genetic information found on the chromosomes, which are pieces of protein material found in the nucleus of the cell.  Genes come in pairs, one gene from the mother, one gene from the father.  Genes are the blueprint of life, they dictate what color eyes you will have, what skin color you will have, whether you will be male or female, and what blood type you will have, just to name a few physical characteristics.  The genotype is the genetic coding for a specific trait.  Genotypes are based upon what has been observed to be the most occuring kind of that trait, for example, blue eyes may be dominant to brown eyes.  So if you have blue eyes, you have at least one dominant gene for the blue eye color.  If you have brown eyes, you have two recessive genes for the brown eye color to be expressed. Genes contain the instructions for every thing that is importatant to your physical makeup.