What are some of the gender issues in A Room of One's Own by V. Woolf?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that some of the most basic of gender issues has to do with the notion of equal opportunities afforded to both genders.  Woolf's premise is to challenge the idea that women "cannot" do what men can do because they have not been given the same chances and opportunities that men have.  Some of this lies in the basic element of education in terms of how the education for a man is different than that of a woman.  In this, Woolf's point is that the idea of the greatest artists being men are challenged because women have not been able to experience the same exposure to ideas that would enable them to be competitive artists in their own right.  The exploration of this difference is the fundamental idea of Woolf's understanding of gender differences and the issues surrounding gender.  Woolf's idea of being able to evoke out this difference and bring forth the idea that women are best able to remedy this difference with a metaphorical and social "room of their own" is what ends up making Woolf's work a powerful one in the notion of gender issues and analysis of them.

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