What GCSEs would I need to become a makeup artist?

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For those on the site who aren’t from the UK, GCSEs refer to General Certificates of Secondary Education, which are the main qualifications taken by students leaving secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Makeup artists need to be flexible, able to create the specific look their client wants for any occasion. You could choose to specialize in everyday makeup, fancy dress, or on makeup for the cinema, which would require knowledge of prosthetics, etc. Tasks you might encounter in your daily work could include researching styles for a particular job, keeping current with popular styles, styling hair, applying makeup or special effects, and keeping work areas clean. If you’re operating independently, you might even want financial planning skills to keep your records straight.

Most universities offer degrees in make-up or related subjects. The UK government recommends five GSCEs (A-C), including maths, English and science, plus three additional A levels. Different universities will have different entry requirements, though, so check with the specific places you want to go.

The .gov.uk link below has some more helpful information on becoming a makeup artist and applying to university programs.

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