Catching Fire Questions and Answers
by Suzanne Collins

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What are the futuristic characters and events found in this book?   

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One of the most futuristic characters inCatching Fireis Plutarch Heavensbee.  He takes over the role of Head Gamemaker after Seneca Crane earns President Snow's displeasure from the outcome of the seventy-fourth Hunger Games.  Heavensbee's role in the book is full of futuristic nuances.  Not only is he a revolutionary, showing Katniss the mockingjay symbol on his high-tech wristwatch, Plutarch organizes the dystopian Hunger Games, using advanced technology such as Hovercrafts, shield-domes, biologically engineered plants and animals. 

The Games themselves are collectively the most futuristic event, mainly because of the sheer amount of technology incorporated into them. The precision of the Quarter Quell games based on the movement of a clock largely dominates the characters' movements and actions for the majority of the time they are in the dome.  Again, it's the Gamemaker's use of highly efficient, destructive death traps that speak the most to the futuristic qualities ofCatching Fire.

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