What is the future scope on stem cell research ?

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Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, which have the potential of differentiating into several kinds of cells. Stem cells can also be of different kinds. For the purpose of bone marrow transplantation, the stem cells used are called 'hematopoietic stem cells'. These stem cells first appear in human embryo in the yolk sac and then migrate to the liver as the fetus develops. In the fetus, the blood cells are created in the liver, but soon after birth they are produced exclusively in bone marrow. These stem cells can be isolated, stored, and are also cultured rarely.


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The future scope of stem cell research is :

1. It would enable the rapid recovery of surgery patients example wound recovery from the sutures.

2. Stem cell research would some day be able to regenerate whole tissues and even organs if the right nutrient concentration to sustain the cells can be found.

3. Stem cell research would enable the in vitro study/research into cell behaviour or rather in the transition ie., cell differenciation studies. This would far outweigh the conventional methods of cell culture studies.