What are some predictions for the future of each character (Amanda, Laura, Tom, and Jim) in Williams' The Glass Menagerie?

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The Glass Menagerie follows the closely intertwined lives of Amanda Wingfield and her adult children, Tom and Laura. Jim, Tom's coworker and Laura's former classmate, joins the family for dinner and the play continues by delving into the illusions each of the four main characters uses to survive in a harsh reality. While the play itself ends on a somber note with Tom leaving his family, as Amanda always feared he would, and Jim admitting that he is engaged and unable to court Laura, the final scene is very open-ended. This open-endedness has resulted in significant speculation on the future of each of the main characters.

Laura and Jim

Towards the end of the play, Jim tells Laura that she should be more confident in herself before kissing her. Although he soon after apologizes and admits that he is engaged, the depth of the conversation shared by these two characters gives reason to suggest that they might reconnect in the future. Jim does not seem fully happy in his relationship with his...

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