What are the functions of cerebellum, and brain stem?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Cerebellum and brain stem are two of the three main parts of human brain the third one being cerebrum. Each of these three parts of the brain perform different functions.

Cerebellum which is located below cerebrum on just above brain stem performs following main functions:

  • Help in maintaining body's sense of balance.
  • Coordinates muscular movements with sensory information.

Brain stem is a stalk like structure located just below cerebellum. It is connected to the spinal cor. Its functions include:

  • Relaying information from sensory organs.
  • Regulating automatic functions of the body such as blood pressure, breathing and heartbeat.

Cerebrum is the most important and the biggest part of the brain accounting for nearly 85% of the total brain volume. It lies above cerebellum and brain stem and almost surrounds them. Functions of cerebrum include hearing, sight, touch, thinking ability, language ability and emotions.

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