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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout our history, schools have served many functions. One of these functions was to educate students. While this may seem really basic, it is important to note that schools have had other functions. People go to school to be educated. They learn to read and write, to learn mathematical principles and scientific concepts, to learn a foreign language, and to learn about history and Social Studies related subjects. They also learn about the Fine Arts.

Schools have served other purposes. For example, when many immigrants were coming to the United States, schools helped the immigrants learn English and learn about American customs and ways of living. This helped immigrants adjust quicker to life in our country.

Today, some people go to school to learn a specific skill. People attend technical schools to learn skills such as auto mechanics, plumbing, and carpentry. Other people attend school to learn how to practice medicine and law. Some go to school to learn how to teach or how to prepare taxes. Many people attend school beyond high school to prepare for a career. Schools have served and continue to serve many purposes.