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What are the functions of ministers in a parliamentary system of government?    

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A minister acts as the leader or director of various organizations within a parliamentary government. The parliament is divided into subgroups, with organizations that take care of specific areas (in America, the president's cabinet can be seen as similar to the Ministers of Parliament, where there is a Director of Treasury, Director of the Armed Forces, etc). Each minister presides over a different ministry and directs its actions.

Essentially, within the parliament, each ministry acts as its own miniature government specifically focusing on a certain task or area. Within these groups, the minister is the ruling member, or president per se, and acts to lead and guide the organization. They have the power to enact executive orders in their specific areas, and all legislation, funding, and decisions typically run through that individual.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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In a parliamentary system, the function of ministers is to act as the head of various departments, or ministries, of the executive part of the government.

The executive branch of a government is typically divided into various departments or ministries such as the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Education.  Each of these is in charge of carrying out government policy in its particular area.

A minister's function, then, is to act as the head of that ministry.  The minister typically helps to form government policy in his or her area and then tries to manage the ministry in such a way that these policies are carried out effectively.

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