What is the function of kidneys?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The kidneys are part of the human renal or urinary system, and serve primarily to filter toxins out of the blood while producing urine.  In addition to filtering out toxins, the kidneys also help remove urea, another form of waste that results from the process of metabolizing protein, which is a product of the liver.  The urea that is produced by the liver’s function is filtered out of the blood stream by the kidneys, and is then expelled in urine.  Another function of the kidneys is to help the body retain enough fluids to stave off dehydration.  As the body reacts to a shortage of water, the kidney’s cease producing urine in order to retain what moisture remains in the blood system.  In addition, kidneys produce erythropoietin, a hormone vital to red cell production, when they detect a shortage of oxygen. 

Human anatomy includes two kidneys, although only one is vital to survival.  That duplication makes possible the donation of healthy kidneys to individuals suffering from renal failure and requiring a kidney transplant. 

sid-sarfraz | Student

Main functions of kidneys are as follows:-

  • In kidney urine is formed and excreted
  • Regulates blood pressure and blood volume
  • Natural filtration of blood and removes toxins
  • Keep your body chemicals in balance
  • Activates vitamin D
  • Regulates RBC production
  • Production of hormones that helps in production of red blood cells
  • Concentrates urine
  • Acid based homeostasis
  • Metabolism of vitamin D to its active form
eli468 | Student

The kidneys are essentially our bodies waste disposal system. They act like a filter, removing the proper amounts of wastes needed to be excreted as well as fluids. By the proper amounts of wastes and fluids I am referring to the fact that the kidneys try to keep certain essential elements and nutrients in your body to retain a balance of salts and acids. Our kidneys also produce three hormones that help with the production of red blood cells, helps control blood pressure, and a hormone that controls calcium uptake to help make the bones stay strong/get stronger. The kidneys also produce an enzyme that," helps to keep your internal water balance." 

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