What are the functions of Frontal Lobe?

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Frontal lobe is a part of brain of humans and other mammals. Brain is composed of three main parts called cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. The biggest of these three accounting for 85% of brain is cerebrum. The Cerebrum is again divided in two parts called left hemisphere and right hemisphere. Each of these hemispheres is divided in four parts called lobes, which are named according to the name of the skull bone covering it. The frontal lobe is located at the front part. It lies above the temporal lobe and in front of the parietal lobe. The parietal lobe itself lies in middle between frontal and temporal lobes. The fourth lobe, occipital lobe is in the rear below parietal lobe and above temporal lobe.

The frontal lobe is associated with high mental functions.Main functions and capabilities of frontal lobe include the following.

  1. Determine similarities and difference between things
  2. Recognizing future consequences of current actions.
  3. To evaluate and choose between alternate actions.
  4. Override and suppress unacceptable social responses.
  5. Long term memory which is not task-oriented
  6. Emotional control

There are some studies that indicate that left lobe controls language related movements while right lobe controls non-verbal abilities.

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Frontal Lobes are located anterior to cerebral cortex and their functions are:

-reasoning and judgement(capability to choose between right or wrong) and planning (executive functions)

-long time memory

-control of impulses

-controlling language

It is known that the right frontal lobe is responsible for non-verbal abilities, while left frontal lobe is responsible with the verbal ones.

There are several testing methods for frontal libes functions, known as:Wisconsin Card Sorting (response inhibition); Finger Tapping (motor skills); Token Test (language skills).

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Long term memory

Motor skills (movement)





vinson | Student

Frontal Lobe is the most anterior lobe of the brain.

• posterior boundary is the fissure of Rolando, or central sulcus,

which separates it from the parietal lobe

• Inferiorly, it is divided from the temporal lobe by the fissure of

Sylvius which is also called the lateral fissure.

• This lobe deals with higher level cognitive functions like reasoning

and judgment.

• The frontal lobe contains several cortical areas involved in the

control of voluntary muscle movement, including those necessary

for the production of speech and swallowing.

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