What is the function of witchcraft?

amysor | Student

There has been the idea of witchcraft in all cultures. Here in america, it was mostly prominent in the Salem Witch Trials. Witchcraft was the belief that someone had to alter nature. Usually the outcasts of people who acted weird were accused of being a witch. They had no proof, but they forced them into confessing or killed them. So many accused innocent witches died in the Salem Witch Trials. In the end, they even started to accuses the judges and priests, they realized it was ridcolus. It died down here in America. A famous book about these trials is "The Crucible" by Auther Miller.Although in other countries, there is beliefs in witchcraft too. Such as in Latin America, there is a belief in superstision and witchcraft. It it really promient, even in the book "Bless Me Ultima", a tale about a boy named Antonio and his coming of age in Mexico. It took place during World War II, and even then there was belief of witchcraft in Mexico. It just goes to show how important it is in certain cultures. Also, in African nations witchcraft is shown as a part of the culture. The belief of voodoo and witches, comes into play into Africa. Witch craft is all over the world, even people today believe in witch craft.