What is the function of the United Nations?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The United Nations was founded to be a meeting place for representatives of the countries of the world. The intent in creating the United Nations was

to maintain international peace and security, especially by encouraging friendly relations among states, based on the principle that all nations have equal rights and are entitled to self-determination.

Every nation that is a member of the United Nations is allowed to send a representative to meetings of the United Nations General Assembly. These representatives follow directions from the governments of the countries they represent when speaking and/or voting upon issues presented to the General Assembly for discussion or action.

In this way, the United Nations provides an opportunity for disagreements between nations to be addressed and solved through peaceful means of negotiations and discussion rather than through use of violence. The United Nations also organizes, sponsors, and supervises international cooperative efforts to improve the lives of citizens of countries around the world.

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