What is the function of a trade union?

Expert Answers
cawells1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main functions of the trade union are to protect and defend the interests of workers by serving as a mediator between the workers and the company. Trade unions exist to help workers ban together to have a stronger collective voice of influence.

The breakdown of those functions is as follows:

  1. Advocating for fairness and equality for workers' compensations.
  2. Securing better working conditions for workers.
  3. Trade unions will organize strikes and demonstrations on behalf of worker demands.
  4. Fight for social welfare for workers.
  5. Promote and advocate for education and proper training for workers.
  6. Advocate and fight the government for legislative protection for workers.
  7. Promote and advocate for organizational growth and stability.
  8. Trade unions act as representatives of workers in national and international forums.
  9. Involved in collective bargaining agreements and disputes with management to settle any conditions on employment.
  10. Advising management on correct personnel policies and procedures.
  11. Involved in collective and personal collective grievances between management and workers.