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What is the function of nature in Robert Frost's poetry?

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  • In Frost's poetry there is a strong connection between rural New England landscapes and the rural voices of his personas.
  • To frost, the living part of the poem is the language: an organic arrangement that is not unlike the natural world.
  • Frost uses a realistic technique in his poems: art mirrors reality.  As such, Frost synthesizes the human and the natural through language, imagination, and metaphor.
  • In "On Frost's Realistic Technique," Amy Lowell says that Frost's poetry is photographic, that it captures characters and landscapes, freezes them, burns them into memory--again bound by what he has seen.  Amy Lowell uses natural imagery herself to describe Frost:

[Frost's] imagination is bounded by what he has seens, he is confined within the limits of experience (or at least what might have been his experience) and bent all one...

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