What is the function of the battery, the switch, the light bulb, and the wiresplease give one or two sentences describing the function of each thanks for your effort

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The purpose of the battery in a series circuit is to give the circuit a source of energy.

The purpose of a switch in a series circuit is to make it easy to open or close the electrical circuit, turning the flow of electricity on or off.

A light bulb in a series circuit is used to determine whether or not electricity is flowing.

The purpose of the wires in a series circuit is to allow the electricity to flow from one device to the next. Wire is used to carry the flow of electrons. Metal wire is a very good conductor. Materials that do not allow electricity to flow through are called insulators or non-conductors.

sid-sarfraz | Student


Battery is as part of a circuit that provides the electricity. Battery can be said as the source to provide electricity to the circuit.

So its main function is to supply electric power in order for electric items to work.


A light bulb is that component of circuit that lights up when electricity flows through it and vice versa.

Its main function is to tell whether electricity is being supplied or not. Its function is also to light up dark places.


Switch is something that can make a gap in a circuit, to turn things on or off. Basically it is the main component of electricity that controls the electricity that flows through light items by turning it on or off.

Its main function is to turn on or off the power of electricity flowing through wires.


Wires are used to join parts of a circuit. Electricity flows through wires.

Its main function is to provide electrical items the power they need to work, provided by battery.