The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt

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What is the full summary for Wednesdays Wars last Chapter 'June?'

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In the last chapter, June, Holling's class plans to spend two days camping in the Catskill Mountains in order to celebrate the end of the school year. Holling notes that his teacher is smiling a lot lately because her husband will soon be coming home from Vietnam.

According to Walter Cronkite on the 6:30 news, Lieutenant Baker's ordeal has culminated in a 'miraculous rescue.' Not long after his helicopter was shot down, a sympathetic Vietnamese woman hid him in her house for three months until an American helicopter rescued the Lieutenant.

As Holling and his classmates work at a frantic pace to complete their studies for the end of term, Holling contemplates life. He concludes that life isn't always fair, and that love often dies slowly in the real world, unlike in a Shakespearean drama. Sometimes, life is filled with tragedy, as is the case when Bobby Kennedy dies. Holling and his sister, Heather, grieve together upon hearing the news.

The day soon comes when Holling and his classmates are...

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