What is the frightening question Winston hesitates to ask?literacy term

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winston seems to hesitates asking when he will meet up with O'Brien again in Book 2, chapter 7. At this point he mentions "the place where there is no darkness." At that point O'Brien seems to get the idea that Winston is using an allusion (possibly the literary term you are looking for). O'Brien agrees at that point which is foreshadowing because they do later meet in "the place where there is no darkness."

You cite Book 3, chapter 2. This is where they meet in the light, the light of what seems to be an interrogation room.

By the end of this chapter, Winston is given the chance to ask any questions he wants to. He asks a few, but the one he really wanted to ask evaded him for a while. Finally, Winston asks:

'What is in Room 101?'

The expression on O'Brien's face did not change. He answered drily:

'You know what is in Room 101, Winston. Everyone knows what is in Room 101.'

This may be a reference to the literacy term because Room 101 might be an allusion to learning. All entry level college classes start with the number 101. After you pass the 101 you can go on.

I hope that helps, your idea of a literary term is confusing as to what you are looking for.