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chimeric eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Freeze-out poker refers to a type of poker tournament that has three main characteristics:

1. As the previous answer notes, in a freeze-out poker tournament, chips are bought at the beginning of the tournament, and once play begins, may not be re-bought.

2. Play continues until only one player has all of the chips.

3. The most striking characteristic of a freeze-out tournament though is that tables are "broken." In other tournaments, such as a shootout tournament, as players are eliminated from play, the number of tables remain the same, but the number of players at each table drops. However, in a freeze-out tournament, as players are eliminated from play, floormen will stop play at tables with less players and send the remaining ones to fill-in empty seats at other tables.

Thus, in a freeze-out tournament, the number of players at each table remains the same, but the number of tables fall, instead of the reverse as in a shootout tournament.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Perhaps the question refers to freezeout poker tournament. This is a Poker tournament in which rules of the tournament do not allow a player to add any more chips to his stack other than those won by the player during the tournament. This means that once a player has bought chips for a given amount and started to play, he or she can not continue the game if after running out of the chips once.

Opposite of a freezeout poker tournament is a Re-buy tournament, in which a player is permitted to buy more chips during the tournament.

kevindement | Student

One of the most popular poker tournament is freeze out poker. In a Freeze Out poker tournament the structure is such that all players start with a specific number of chips and do not have the option to replenish or add to this chips. That means there are no rebuys allowed and no add-ons.

scientist | Student

A freeze out Poker tournament is the most common kind of Poker tournament:you pay your buy-in and get your chips and play until you run out of chips and players cannot rebuy in the tournament if they run out of chips.Once the chips run out for a player,it's over.