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What tie-in does Franklin's quote about how democracy is three animals voting have to current policy development?

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I assume that you are talking about a quote that is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin and which says that democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting to decide what will be for lunch.  There is no evidence, however, that Franklin actually said or wrote this saying.

Be that as it may, one could argue that in today's United States democracy, you have the wolves (the people with the money and influence) and the lambs (the people who do not have either).  You can argue, for example, that the wolves get everything they want.  You could say that this can be seen in the bailout of the big financial companies and of General Motors.  You can argue that these "wolves" got what they wanted (ostensibly through democracy) while regular people ended up getting stuck with the bill.

If you are inclined to see things this way, these "wolves" have gotten to eat the "lambs" and the lambs think that the decision was fair.

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