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What is franchising?

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Franchising is a way of owning one’s own business without having to come up with a new type of business to own.  When a person buys a franchise, he or she is paying a company a fee to be able to use their trademarks.  The best-known franchises are fast food restaurants.

When a franchisee buys a franchise from McDonald’s, for example, he or she pays a fee to McDonald’s.  In exchange, the franchisee gets the right to use the McDonald’s logo and to sell McDonald’s food.  They also promise to run their business along certain lines to make sure that they are similar to all the other McDonald’s stores in the country.

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jesseldridge | Student

Franchising is a way to do business. It is not a business  in itself. In franchising, a business relationship is built in which the owner of the business provides products or services to independent people called franchisees for a fixed period of time. For more details visit 

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