What are four ways to reduce or eliminate the amount of waste that has to be sent to landfills?

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This is an extremely important question. To reduce waste is something that everyone needs to do. In light of this, let me list a few important ways this can be accomplished. 

First, the most obvious way that we can reduce the amount of landfill is to recycle. The more we recycle things like plastics, metals, and paper, the less that we will put in landfills and the more we will save on important materials. 

Second, another simple step that can be taken is to reuse things. For example, if you bring your own bag to the supermarket on a weekly basis, you will be able to save plastic bags. In time, this can be tremendous, especially if many people do the same. Plastic bags are usually a horrible waste.

Third, try to do things online. For instance, many companies now allow you to pay your bills online and receive electronic statement. Something this easy can help you save paper. 

Finally, use less when it comes to materials. For example, why buy little bottles of water or drinks, when you can buy a big one? Also if you need to carry a little bit of water, why not put it in a water bottle? In this way, you not only save on money, but also the environment. 

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