Discuss four types of conflicts in The Crucible.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Proctor probably best represents the conflict that is waged between human beings and themselves.  His fundamental conflict seen in the final act, where he himself must determine what to do in term of accepting a false confession to live or to stand for what is right is a decision that he must make without any outside source to assist him.  Act III features a classic confrontation between Corey and Putnam, a representation of human being vs. human being conflict.  Putnam's desire to consolidate his control over greater land holdings and Corey's desire to reveal his true intention represents the conflict that exists between two human beings.  Mrs. Putnam's questioning as to why her babies were killed can be seen as a conflict between human being and nature, as she is unaware of why her fate resulted in dead children.  Her desire to find answers is what compels her to send her daughter to the woods that night, another extension of human being vs. nature as she is seeking to understand or control something that exists outside of her own reach.  I would certainly feel that the closing of Act I where the entire community has descended upon Tituba for confessions and eventual imprisonment represents an example of the conflict between a human being and a social order.  Tituba becomes the example of how absolutely uncomfortable it is for an individual to be poised against an entire social order.

briih | Student

all man should always be like serving god and anyone who thinks of enjoying life or not attend church is considered of having made a pact with the devil

also if anyone thinks of overthrowing the court or go against it is considered as evil.