What are the four reliefs on the Arc de Triomphe

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One of the most recognizable monuments in the world, it was designed in 1806, stands in the center of Charles De Gaul Place and took many years to complete.

The four main sculptures of the monument are:

Le Départ de 1792 (or La Marseillaise), by François Rude

Le Triomphe de 1810, by Jean-Pierre Cortot

La Résistance de 1814, by Antoine Étex

La Paix de 1815, by Antoine Étex

There are also six reliefs  sculpted on the façades of the Arch, symbolizing great moments ofFrench history:

Les funérailles du général Marceau (General Marceau's burial), by P. H. Lamaire (SOUTH façade, right),

La bataille d'Aboukir (The Battle of Aboukir), by Bernard Seurre (SOUTH façade, left),

La bataille de Jemappes (The Battle of Jemappes), by Carlo Marochetti (EAST façade),

Le passage du pont d'Arcole (The Battle of Arcole), by J. J. Feuchère (NORTH façade, right),

La prise d'Alexandrie, (The Fall of Alexandria), by J. E. Chaponnière (NORTH façade, left),

La bataille d'Austerlitz (The Battle of Austerlitz), by J. F. T. Gechter (WEST façade),

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