What are four parts of a cell

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A cell is created from other cells that provide structure to the human body. The four main parts of cell are:-

  1. Nucleus (It is found in the center of the cell and is denser then cytoplasm, it controls all the activities of cells like storage of DNA and helps in replication of cells).
  2. Cell membrane (It is lipid bilayer composed of proteins and lipids, it permits access to certain chemicals while rejects other harmful substances. It maintains the integrity of cells, contains receptors on its surface which mediate function of binding drugs, neurotransmitters and adhesion molecules. It protects cell organelles like golgi appratus, nucleus, rybosomes and mitochondria.) 
  3. Mitochondria (It is the powerhouse of cell and it forms ATP as an energy source from metabolism of carbohydrates.)
  4. Golgi Appratus (It is stack shaped structure in the cytoplasm and it functions as excretion and detoxification of drugs.)

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