What Are The Four Noble Truths Of Buddhism?

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Four Noble Truths.

First why are they thought of as being "Noble"? because through the proper understanding one can attain Enlightenment.

First Noble Truth; there is suffering....in the world, everybody suffers, this is just a human condition.

Second Noble Truth; there is a cause of suffering.

Third Noble Truth; there is an end to suffering.

Fourth Noble Truth; the ath to the end of suffering is to follow the Eight-Fold Path.

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The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism are the beliefs upon which the Buddhist religion is based. They are: 1. Suffering consists of disease, old age, and death; separation from loved ones; desiring what one cannot have; and hating what one cannot avoid. 2. All suffering comes from the attempt to satisfy personal desires. 3. Suffering can be eliminated by overcoming desire. 4. Desire can be overcome by following the Noble Eightfold Path (the rules one should follow to achieve nirvana or enlightenment). The Noble Eightfold Path consists of: 1. right understanding; 2. right thought; 3. right speech; 4. right action; 5. right means of livelihood; 6. right effort; 7. right mindfulness; and 8. right concentration.

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