What are the four necessities for success in the global market, according to Rajesh Rao?

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In The World is Flat Thomas Friedman talks to Rajesh Rao, CEO of Dhruva Interactive, a small games company in Bangalore, India. Rao discusses how India has taken advantage of globalization to grow its economy and become more prosperous. Although India remains a relatively poor country, it has come a long way in such a short time. Indians recognize that, in the new international economy, it's important not to get too complacent. Rao thinks that's been the problem with the United States.

Once Indians realized that they had the necessary infrastructure, an infrastructure that made the world a much smaller place, they set about exploiting it for all it's worth. One of the main consequences of globalization is that skilled people in the developing world can now do the same work just as well or even better than their counterparts in the more economically advanced countries. Rao says that, for success in the new global market place, there are four requirements:

  • You need to be able to demonstrate your work using the same infrastructure;
  • You need a website and an email address;
  • People must be comfortable giving work to you;
  • You are clean and diligent in your business transactions.

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