The Last Lecture Questions and Answers
by Randy Pausch

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What are four main ideas in The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch?

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1. People should strive to follow their dreams, no matter the opposition. Pausch encourages young people to not be intimidated by adversity and struggle, even if achieving one's dreams seems an insurmountable task. As he says at the end of chapter 6, "If you can find an opening, you can probably find a way to float through it."

2. Be kind to other people, even if it doesn't seem like it will benefit you in the long run. In Chapter 50, Pausch describes an incident at Disney World where he and his sister bought a salt and pepper shaker set and broke it by accident. The employees replaced it free of charge. When his parents heard about this, they appreciated Disney even more and returned to it more over the years than they would have otherwise. In the end, Disney did not lose anything by giving the kids a free replacement—in fact, they gained loyal customers who kept returning to the park. So Pausch emphasizes, "There is more than one way to measure profits and losses. On every level,...

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