Freak the Mighty Questions and Answers
by Rodman Philbrick

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Describe how Max changes during the course of Rodman Philbrick's novel Freak the Mighty.  

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Max is definitely a dynamic character. When readers meet him, he is quite withdrawn and antisocial. Max simply wants to spend time alone in his "down under" kingdom, and he only engages with his grandparents as needed.

I like it in the down under, got the place all to myself and no fear of Gram sticking her head in the door.

Granted, his grandparents don't try too hard to engage him due to the actions of Max's father. Max also has next to zero confidence in himself. He refers to himself as a goon, a butthead, and a moron. He has completely embraced the "dumb little kicker" image with which many adults have labeled him.

A great deal of those character traits begin to change once Kevin enters the picture. Max all of a sudden begins to develop a healthy sense of play. That is brought on and encouraged by Kevin's coaxing of Max's imagination, and readers realize that Max is a creative young talent. He isn't genius-level smart; however, he is capable of learning like any other kid. He's not...

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