What are four events that happen during the rising action in The Bronze Bow?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rising action is a specific part of the plot when the tension rises. The rising action occurs after the inciting incident (that some people call the conflict) and before the climax. In The Bronze Bow many events happen during the rising action.

In The Bronze Bow, events of the rising action occur after Daniel bar Jamin escapes from Amalek and joins the rebel group hiding out in the mountains. One event that happens during the rising action is when Daniel meets Joel bar Hezron and Malthace: two young people from the village. They agree to take a message to Daniel's grandmother to indicate that Daniel is still alive. Daniel and Joel bond over their hatred of the Romans. Another event that happens during the rising action is that Simon the Zealot comes to the mountain and tells Daniel that his grandmother is dying. As a result, Daniel decides to leave the mountain and go back home to care for his aging grandmother and his sister Leah who, ever since their parents' death, has been haunted by "demons." A third event in the rising action of the novel is when Simon the Zealot visits Daniel as he is taking care of his mother and sister in the village. Simon tells Daniel about a man named Jesus who teaches a message of love instead of a message of hate. A fourth event of the rising action happens when Daniel goes to hear Jesus speak and is surprised by Jesus' simplicity. Unfortunately, because of Daniel's continued hatred, he is injured by a Roman soldier after an act of defiance. Yet another event in the rising action happens when Joel bar Hezron and Malthace hide Daniel in an alley near their house in order to help Daniel recover from his wounds in secrecy. Joel and Daniel continue in their hatred of the Romans until Joel is incarcerated and Daniel realizes that his old leader, Rosh, will do nothing to help his follower. It is at this point that Daniel turns to Jesus.

As you can see, the rising action is the largest part of the plot in The Bronze Bow. The paragraph above reveals many events that happen before the climax of the book: the moment when Jesus enters Daniel's home and cures his sister.