What are the four daughters?

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The film Four Daughters is a 1938 musical drama that follows the lives of the four Lemp sisters, three of whom were played by the famous Lane sisters. The Lemp family shares an interest in music, and each one of the girls is a musical prodigy; all of them take an interest in a composer named Felix Deitz, who lives in the boarding house owned by their parents. Each girl is also occupied with her own inner conflict, though. The eldest, Emma, must repeatedly reject the advances of the Lemps' neighbor, Ernest. Second eldest Thea is unsure if she loves Ben, a wealthy neighbor who has been trying to court her. The next eldest, Kay, receives a scholarship to a prestigious music school but can't decide if she is ready to leave home. Finally, youngest daughter Ann finds herself courted by two men, Felix and his other composer friend, Mickey. Felix decides to propose marriage to ensure he will end up with Ann, and she says yes.

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