what four characteristics would you need to observe to be able to tell which was living and which was nonliving?

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There are more than four characteristics that making something living versus non-living. Here are the top four characteristics:

1. Must can a genetic code (DNA) that contain the information necessary to make proteins 

2. Must contain fully functioning cells 

3. Must be able to reproduce and produce viable offspring 

4. Must be able to respond to stimuli and sustain using energy from a food source. 

Others characteristics are: 

- Must be able to develop and grow 

- Must be respond to external stimuli 

- Must be able to have instincts that allows the organism to survive

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characteristics of living which a non-living doesnt posses are as follows:-

1) Reproduction:- It is the capability to reproduce itself for the continuation of its kinds. (it is the main characteristic of a living thing)

2) grwoth/life cycle :- every living thing has its life cycle. They are are born, get matured, reproduced and death. So once it is born it will die unlike non-living.

3) Energy source :- All living thing requries energy for their vital fucntion. they need to be feed so they they can grow and sustain their life

4) adaptation and reaction :- all living thing will try to adapt in a particular condition so that they can continue their existance. They react to each and every reaction given to them

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