What are four character traits and please be specific?

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Susan Woodward eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Character traits for which character??  Since you tagged it with "Juilet", I will assume that is who you are addressing.

1.  Juliet is impatient.  When the Nurse goes to speak with Romeo to find out the time and place for the wedding, Juliet is impatiently awaiting her return.  The Nurse had apparently left the house at 9 AM and did not return till noon.  During that time, Juliet paces around her room, wondering all sorts of things from whether the Nurse was injured to whether Romeo still planned to marry her.  As soon as the Nurse returns, Juliet bombards her with questions before she even has a chance to sit down.

2.  Juliet is impulsive.  Both she and Romeo act without thinking first.  As soon as Romeo says he loves her, she immediately jumps to the conclusion that they have formed a "contract" (an engagement).  Never mind that the two have only spent a total of about ten minutes together and she has not even heard him speak one hundred words yet.

3.  Juliet is rash and goes to extremes.  The moment she hears about Romeo's banishment, she wants to kill herself rather than think about how to find another solution.  When she sees Romeo dead (he, too, is rash in his decisions), she takes his dagger and kills herself.

4.  Juliet is naive.  When Romeo says he loves her, she thinks that marriage is the next immediate step.  There's no courting or wooing, even though she offers to "be strange".

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