What are the four basic tenets of Romanticism?

Four of the most important tenets of Romanticism include nature, creativity/imagination, emotion, and the supernatural.

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The era of Romanticism can be analyzed as a pushback against the Enlightenment period, which emphasized science and skepticism. Romantics rejected these logical notions and championed creativity in their artistic works.

One of the four key tenets is the importance of nature. Romantics held nature as a kind of spiritual and aesthetic source. In their poetry, they often encouraged a return to the beauty and simplicity of the natural earth and a respite from industrialized society. Nature brought the individual closer to their truest, most innocent self. This helps to explain why some Romantics idealize childhood, as children are the ultimate example of a free thinker unbound by social mores.

Romantics also felt that imagination was more valuable than scientific discovery or tangible proof. They encouraged wayward thoughts and embraced creativity with no bounds. This includes a fixation on beauty and art. More importantly, Romantics tended to place the workings of the mind in higher regard than...

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