what are the four aspects of the "macro context" that latinos face that can affect their potential for success as they embark on the settlement stage of their experience in the u.s.?

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you are discussing a “macrosystem” you are looking at Brofenbrenner’s System’s theory. This theory is compiled by several systems that surround a individual and have an effect on their environment. The macrosystem is the largest part of systems theory and focuses on cultural contexts in which an indivual lives and how these contexts affect the smaller systems (exosystem, mesosystem, microsystem, and the individual).

When looking at the book Harvest of Empire the narration explores how U.S. Military and economic interests have led to a strong immigrant population from several South American countries. The unprecedented numbers of people immigrating have led to negative stereo types of the Latino culture within the American macrosystem.  The civil rights of those being integrated into the American exosystem is also explored within the book.