What is the formula for tin(ii) fluoride

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Tin is represented by "Sn" and has an oxidation number of +2, whereas Fluoride is represented as "F" and has an oxidation number of -1 (number of free electrons=-1).

Thus the chemical formula or Tin (II) fluoride would be SnF2 or `SnF_(2)`

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The two i's in the parentheses indicate the charge of tin. Since tin is a metal (and also the first element in the compound) it will have a positive charge of 2 so

Sn = +2

Now Fluoride has a negative charge of 1 since it is in group 7a of the periodic table so...

F=-1 but since we need the compound to equal zero we will have to add 2 fluorine atoms and you will get the written compound


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Tin(ii) Fluoride

  Symbol  -            Sn    F

          Valency-      2     1

When we cross multiply the symbols and valencies, we get the formula to be SnF2....(2 should be written at bottom of F)

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