What is the molecular formula and the mass of potassium hydrogen sulfate?

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To find the correct formula, look at the name of the compound.

Sulfate means it contains a sulfate group  (SO4^-2). Because the compound must be charge neutral there has to be an equal number of positive charges to equal the -2 of the sulfate group.

Hydrogen has a charge of +1 and potassium also has a charge of +1 because both are group one elements on the periodic table.

So the correct formula is:  KHSO4

To find formula mass, get the mass of each element from your periodic table and multiply that mass by the number of atoms in the formula.

for KHSO4:

K = 39.098

H = 1.008

S = 32.06

O = 16 * 4 = 64

Total mass = 39.098 + 1.008 + 32.06 + 64 = 136.166

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