What is the formula for Delta T? and C? and m?Q=mxcx Delta T So Delta T=? C=? m=?

giorgiana1976 | Student

First, we'll identify the terms from the given formula:

Q = mc*Delta T

Q = heat energy ; m = mass, c = specific heat, delta T = the change in temperature

To determine the change in temperature, we'll just have to divide the given formula by the product m*c, both sides:

Delta T = Q/mc

To determine the specific heat, we'll have to divide both sides by the product m*delta T.

c = Q/m*Delta T

To determine the mass, we'll have to divide both sides by the product c*delta T.

m = Q/c*Delta T

The requested formulas are for the change of temperature, the specific heat and the mass are: Delta T = Q/mc ; c = Q/m*Delta T ; m = Q/c*Delta T.

Wiggin42 | Student

`Q = mcDeltat`

``Where q = heat energy, m = mass, c = specific heat capacity, and t = temperature. The "triangle" symbol is delta, and represents change. So Delta t is the change in temperature. 

This equation is used for calorimetry labs. An easy way to remember it is by saying "Q equals m-cat". Silly, but useful. 

You want to solve for delta T, c and m. 

Just divide by the other terms: 

`m = (Q)/(cDeltat)`

`Deltat = (Q)/(mc)`

`c = (Q)/(mDeltat)`

` `

cocostar98 | Student

Thankyou :) I finally understood it properly! Thanks for all the formula's! :)

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