What is the formula for 2, 4, methyl, 5 chloro, 7 octyne alcohol?

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In order to identify the molecular formula of that compound it would be better if we try to solve for the structure of the compound.

1. 7 octyne means that the triple bond is on the seventh carbon in the 8 carbon chain.


2. 2,4 dimethyl means that there are two (2) methyl (-CH3) groups attached in the 2nd and 4th carbon in the octyne chain.


3. 5 chloro means that the -Cl atom is attached in the 5th carbon in the octyne chain


4. Since it is an alcohol, we can add an -OH in the compound. However, the position of the -OH is not specified.


4. Finally, supply all the remaining bonds with hydrogen (-H) following the octet rule.



We can now get the formula of this compound.

Answer: `C_(10)H_(17)ClO`