What forms of ingenuity does Brian use in chapter 17?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The largest amount of ingenuity that Brian displays is seen in his desire to retrieve the survival pack from the plane.  Brian recognizes that the presence of the survival pack would immeasurably help him, and make him "rich" in his condition. He understands the truly challenging nature of the task in front of him.  The pack is somewhere inside the plane, which is located at a deep part of the lake.  

Brian uses an innovative mind to help develop the plan to get him to the plane.  The construction of the raft and the ability to use "push- paddle" means to propel it is an example of ingenuity on Brian's part.  He builds the base of the raft out of logs that have protrusions, allowing him to bind them together. This can be seen as ingenious because it is an insightful way to solve a problem that exists in front of Brian and his quest.  Using his windbreaker as a rope to help secure the raft once he gets out to the plane is another example of his ingenuity.  Brian's innovative nature is matched with a sense of resolve in getting the survival pack.  He experiences challenges in swimming under the plane to find an entry point within it for the survival pack.  Through this combination, his ingenuity is on display.