What forms of art and architecture were the Mesoamericans known for?

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The art and architecture of the Mesoamericans is both intricate and grand. For example, the Mesoamericans created beautiful jewelry made from jade and they built huge pyramids. The artists and architects were highly specialized individuals. These artisans and builders used semi-precious stones, gold, and stone to create their art and architectural masterpieces.  In addition to the pyramids, stone glyphs depicting animals and figures of gods were often carved. Relief sculptures were also created allowing entire walls to be covered in the artwork. Mesoamerican art was used as a form of propaganda by the king.  The art told the stories the king wanted remembered. Much of the art served to re-enforce religious worship, primary gods, military conquests of the king. As for the architecture, 'building big' always makes a statement. The king's palace, the pyramids used for religious rituals, the centralized government buildings all served to promote the king's authority.