What is the format and procedure of writing training report?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, it depends on what type of training you are talking about.  Generally speaking, as far as format, you would want to use a paragraph or two, at least half a typed page, introducing and exploaing your training report.  What it is about, what type of training, the breakdown of the steps involved in the training, and what a person could reasonably expect having underwent the training.  Then, take each step of the training and elaborate upon it.  This can be as short as a paragraph on each step, or as long as several paragraphs.  Some steps require more explanation than others.  Finally, there needs to be a conclusion, some sort of "wrapping it all up" paragraph or paragraphs, that sum up the purpose and reason behind the training report.  Remember, not all people think alike;  I have a teaching associate who has his students write out the instructions on making a peanut butter sandwich.  He then has a few of them read their instructions to him as he does what their instructions dictate.  Often, what he does and what they meant for him to do are two different things, so assume the person reading your report will need to know every twist and turn in the process you are describing.

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