What is the format for writing a formal report?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The website below gives valuable information on how to progress with writing a formal report.  The steps featured are very thorough and detailed.  From my own point of view, I would suggest your thesis statement (what you will prove in the course of the report) is concise and consists of clear language.  I think having a vague thesis statement challenges any report.  The basic format would include some type of introductory portion of the paper that discusses the topic area and gives background to it.  This would be where your thesis statement is located.  The subsequent portions of your paper is referred to as "the body,"  where your evidence and research is presented in defending your thesis statement.  Most of the analysis and findings will be located here.  The conclusion of the paper reaffirms the thesis statement and summarizes the implications of what has been proven and argued.  Your instructor/ school should give detailed specifications in terms of presentation of paper, heading, font selected, and other similar items.