What is the form of the poem "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath?

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This is a poem that is written in free verse, which means there is no rhyme or any particular meter to the poem. The poem is based around two stanzas of nine lines each. The form of the poem is based around the mirror's voice as it describes what it sees and the relationship that it has with the woman that owns it. Of course, to get a good mark, you will need to somehow connect the form of the poem to what Plath is trying to communicate, which can often be where students fall down.

You might like to think about the way in which this is a poem that deliberately helps create the voice of the mirror, which, as it tells us, is "silver and exact." The mirror does not speak in flowery language and is accurate and detached in what it says and how it says it. Therefore, having a form that is not "poetic" in the traditional sense through its use of free verse is something that helps create the impression of the mirror.


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