What is the form or structure of the musical The Phantom of the Opera?

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Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical The Phantom of the Opera structurally consists of a prologue followed by two acts.

The prologue is set in 1919, thirty-eight years after the main events of the play, and presents the opera house in disrepair, auctioning off all of their props and set pieces, including Christine's music box and a chandelier which the auctioneer comments on as having been connected to the events surrounding "the phantom of the opera." This opening serves as a kind of frame tale for the musical. The audience knows that in the end the opera house fades to disuse, and that there were apparently some mysterious occurrences there in the past, but not how this comes to be or what those occurrences were.

Act one begins with the same chandelier being raised up and illuminated, signaling that we are now in the past and seeing the opera house in all its former glory. Acts one and...

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