What form of government and administration of law and order did the Lilliputians have?

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lilliput is a monarchy, and it is ruled by an emperor (though the country does not control any other territories and is not divided up into smaller kingdoms); the emperor would like to add the kingdom of Blefuscu to his empire, but he has not been able to accomplish this yet.  His majesty, the emperor, has a court with various positions, and candidates compete for the honor of these positions by rope dancing and trials of dexterity.  Lilliput has laws, courts, and magistrates who enforce citizens' compliance with these laws.  Crimes against the state are severely punished, and fraud is considered to be a worse crime than theft, so it is punishable by death.  Ingratitude is also a capital crime.  Gulliver says that the Lilliputians employ a method of "Reward and Punishment," rewarding citizens for lawful behavior and punishing them for unlawful, and they think it is very odd when he tells them that England does not offer reward but only punishment.